For over 40 years, MARSA, Inc. has specialized in all facets of masonry construction. MARSA, Inc. is a proud and dedicated second-generation masonry construction company, founded by Sam Scabilloni. MARSA is now owned and run by Sam’s five sons, Paul, Dan, Sammy, Matt, and Alan. Since 1967, MARSA, Inc. has installed over 15 million square feet of masonry construction, working on hundreds of masonry construction projects, valued in the multi-millions. MARSA keeps pace with the changes in the masonry construction industry by continually investing in the training and education of our highly skilled workforce. Our ownership and project supervisors possess over 210 years of combined experience in masonry construction. MARSA has access to hundreds of skilled men from the Bricklayer and Laborer Unions to accommodate any project size for the areas where we perform masonry construction in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland.

As a full service masonry construction company, MARSA specializes in New Masonry Construction, and Masonry Restoration including.

To contact us please call us at 412-341-3400, by fax at 412-341-1355.